Making Money on MLB

Making Money on MLB

Betting on MLB

Baseball can be a cruel mistress. She will crush you in the bottom of the 9th but, she will also lift you up with a walk-off in the 12th. Becoming successful in MLB may seem like a monumental task so, here are are few tips, that can help give you the edge.

Tips for betting on MLB:

  1. Patience. Patience, is important when it comes to any sport. However, due to the length of the MLB season it becomes much more crucial. Teams go through hot and cold streaks like you wouldn’t believe. Follow your teams closely and look for those heaters/cold streaks and place your bets accordingly.
  2. You are going to lose. The MLB season is long, so long that the best teams in baseball will lose 40%-45% of their games. Being able to handle losing days/weeks is key when it comes to baseball. Do not over extend and try to recoup your money when you are sliding. Stay poised and stick to your system.
  3. Odds are everything. MLB is mostly Money Lines, right? So betting on the NYY, BOS, and HOU is not the way to make money when it comes to MLB. Occasionally, these teams will have odds around -140 but for the most part they live around -200. Don’t let fear control where you put your money. Stay smart, stay confident, and always find the best value.
  4. Records are important. Tracking your teams and seeing your wins/losses will allow you to gain insight on your past picks. However, living in a world of regret when it comes to baseball is futile. Understand why you took the games you did. Keeping records will help you find your strengths and weaknesses and adjust accordingly.

Having a losing MLB record can be deceiving. Finding the right odds is so important when it comes to betting baseball. Find your system, stick with your system as a whole, and make small adjustments as the season progresses.

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  • Pat

    That’s very helpful info especially sticking with a system going on tilt is no fun

  • Julio Fernandez

    very successful tips because the patience both when selecting and betting is the main thing for a bettor and pir itro order to bet on teams that are not super favorites is the most advisable but for that it takes dedication, time and analysis.

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