Ruling College Football

Ruling College Football

Ruling College Football

CFB is a different animal than its counterpart. The NFL has less anomalies that can swing a game in either direction. CFB is played by teenagers and early 20 year olds. Some of these kids have never been away from home, let alone played in-front of 50,000 people. The spreads will be much more significant as well. The Patriots v the Dolphins will probably be around -12 with the Pats as the favorite. CFB will have Alabama facing Tennessee and the spread can be up to -28 points, if not more. So where do we find value?

CFB has over 120 schools with football programs, which gives allows us to pick and choose which games we want. Saturday alone will have 30+ games rolling. With so many games rolling it can be overwhelming. However, this allows us to pick games that have been less affected by the public. The Iron Bowl will obviously draw more bets than Cal v  Oregon State. These types of games will allow us to find weak lines and cash in.

Another huge difference in CFB is the emotion factor. We touched on this in the first paragraph. These are just kids playing a game. The overwhelming majority of these kids will never play again once their college careers are over. The lack of experience with disappointing losses can be detrimental for a young person to bounce back from.

The major takeaways are fairly simple. Remember, these are kids, not professionals. The mental strength will not be there after taking criticism and tough losses. The sheer amount of games available to bet on is a blessing, not a curse. Find your games, find the weak lines, and follow teams after OT/big time losses.

Good Luck,

The Judge

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