The Cleveland Browns

The Cleveland Browns



When you picture success in your mind do you picture “The Dog Pound”? A team that has won only 1 game in the past 2 years is not a place that breeds success. The Cleveland Browns have been the worst NFL team for the past several years and watching the HBO series “Hard Knocks” actually shows the disfunction in the team. There have only been 2 episodes that have aired and I can already see the tendencies that are detrimental to this teams’ success.

When an organization is struggling there is only one course of action that works, cleaning house. The Browns are searching for their new leader because it isn’t going to be Hue Jackson for much longer. In the first episode, Hue Jackson and Offensive coordinator (Todd Haley) get into an argument about players needing days off. This argument takes place in an all staff meeting including the GM, assistant coaches, and owners. Haley is defending his position that these players need to toughen up and practice regardless if they’re tired or sore. A stance that I firmly agree with. Playing in the NFL is one of the most physically tiring things a human can do. Might as well get your body used to taking hits and going 100% the next day. Not to mention, these players just had the past 3 months off, have your players not been getting into the proper shape to come back and compete at the highest level? Todd Haley comes from a winning system in the Pittsburgh Steelers so I agree with his opinion.  

The organizations that seem to thrive and find success year after year are the organizations that have minimal off the field issues. Yes, issues can happen in the locker room and people get put into stupid situations whether it was their fault or not but, the great organizations handle it quickly and efficiently.. These silly little arrests that a player doesn’t tell you about means there is a problem with the leadership in the organization. The Browns had a rookie that got pulled over and the cop found a roach. Callaway, the rookie reciever that got pulled over didn’t tell anyone about it. The organization didn’t find out until the story broke on the news. This is that petty crap that great organizations do not tolerate.

Even with all the editing and music overlays, the Browns still look like the Browns. Poor leadership, bad attitudes, and a serious lack of wanting to be better. The team has introduced positive players such as Tyrod Taylor and Jarvis Landry but, even these guys are struggling to find positivity. In conclusion, the Browns will be horrible and Todd Haley will become interim head coach when Hue Jackson is fired. Ya heard it here first!

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