The National League Wild Card

The National League Wild Card


The MLB playoffs are coming up quick and the N.L. Wildcard is still up for grabs. There are 5 teams within 3 games. As it sits right now we have Milwaukee ahead of the pack by 1.5 games, followed closely by Atlanta. The Dodgers and Arizona are right there as well, with Colorado hungry for some playoff action. With the importance of these games rising it is time to see who will take control of this division.

We will start with what is going to happen in the N.L. West. It is a two horse race between the Dodgers and Arizona. The Dodgers did a lot of work strengthening there line-up with Machado. The Dodgers have had their moments where they look like the powerhouse from last year. Then they look confused and inexperienced at times. They need to get their bullpen going and gain some run support from that offense. I firmly believe they will pull ahead and take control of the N.L. West. They have too much experience, not to mention unfinished business from last year.

Assuming the Cubs remain in control of the NL Central, Milwaukee will be included in the Wildcard series. With the Dodgers taking control of the NL West, Arizona will have a clear path to the Wildcard game assuming they don’t roll over and die. Atlanta has been shown zero respect all year and I believe that will wear them down to the point where they do not make the postseason.

We love to finish the regular season with teams neck at neck, competing for that last spot. This is just one scenario we have cooked up. With that being said we are always open to discuss other alternatives! Feel free to message us on Twitter or email us!

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