What is the future of casinos?

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What is the future of casinos?

With the Coronavirus altering the way we live, the future of casinos will likely look very different from what we are used to. From cleaner, less crowded environments, to more automation to remove the contact between people.

iPad’s at poker tables where players can view their cards and place their bets seems to be the future of the game. In order to limit the contact between players, it is hard to imagine anything else. The number one question will be how do poker rooms still keep the anti-online poker players coming to their game? These are the players who don’t trust an algorithm to deal truly random cards to everyone at the table. The answer? Live dealers with cameras on the table that link to each players iPad. The human dealer will shuffle and deal the cards as they always do, however instead of dealing cards directly to the players, the cards will go face down on the table at the designated slots, where a camera will be linked to the players iPad. Each player will see only their cards on their iPad and be able to make all of their usual moves from there. The dealer will be the only one touching the cards and all bets will be made from the iPad. Disposable covers can be placed on each iPad that are one time use only. This gives the players what they want while having a live dealer, watching the shuffling and dealing of the cards, therefore making them feel safe and sanitary by limiting their contact with other players.

The number one issue here is obviously security. If that can get resolved, it is hard to picture the future of poker being anything else.

Once the poker tables adopt this, it is only logical that all other table games will follow. Chips get handled by thousands of people and can be eliminated from casinos completely. No more counter-fitting of chips, no more dealers paying out incorrect amounts, no more having to carry around large stacks of chips to the cage to cash out. Everything will be done electronically, as long as it can be done safely. For those who will say this will never happen only need to look at the evolution of slot machines. The sound of coins piling out of slot machines used to be commonplace in casinos, while now their is simply one voucher being printed out at the end of the session. It is our opinion that it is only a matter of time before we see the remainder of casino games follow the same path.

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